"Riverboat John" Storytelling School

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A Course on Practical & Creative Storytelling

By "Riverboat John" Ferguson

Storyteller, Singer & String Player


Since the beginning of time, man has been telling stories. From the days of the caveman, primitive native, and early cultures all the way through to our culture today, storytelling has been a part of us. In cultures where there was no written language or writing was not convenient, storytelling was a way of communicating history, heritage, culture, methods for accomplishing things and general communication. Often times the "village storyteller" was placed in a position of "highest importance".

It is not my intention to teach or show story telling skills as strictly an art form as in Traditional Storytelling. I merely want to help the student relate his or her own stories in the form of Practical & Creative Storytelling.

This course is an intensive study utilizing lecture, examples, comparisons, homework and class participation. It can be humorous, as well as educational & entertaining. It is intended for age groups 8 thru 80+.

Although this course was developed for Arts-in-Education as a "bridge course" between drama class and creative writing class, it is a practical course for all who are in or anticipate being in a position of communication.

It is a "cross-curriculum" course intended to be integrated with all other curriculum. This would include students, teachers, business owners and managers, public communicators, and all emerging leadership..communication skills.

Course Schedule:

There are 5 one-hour sessions, best held 5 days in a row. The ideal class size is 25-30 for 7th graders, thru college and adult. Up to 40 for 2nd thru 6th grade. This schedule can be changed or "tailor-made" when requested for one day thru five days. It can be made into a mini-seminar for limited time venues.

Session One:

Introduction, Credentials, Following Instructions & becoming a Master Listener

Session Two:

Practical uses, Moral and Purpose, Fact or Fiction, Antics and Feelings

Session Three:

Who, What, Why, When, Where, & How. An opening, a middle and a closing.

Session Four:

Some History, Traditional or Practical? Rhyme-Meter & Song

Session Five:

Turning a positive into a negative And being creative.

In each session there will be stories and examples of most every known form of storytelling done by Master Storyteller "Riverboat John" Ferguson. Each student will be required to develop and demonstrate to the class his or her own story. It is the hope of the instructor that each student will apply the skills learned in class to other curriculum in school, at work, home or other activities so that he or she can be a better communicator.

Storytelling is not just a form of amusement or entertainment in today's society but a part of our daily lives. It helps us to be better at what we do in school, at work, at home or at play. All classes rated for family listening & contain wholesome, worthwhile life-learning lessons.

Some venues for this course Grade Schools 2nd thru 12th, Colleges & Universities, Home Schooling Groups, Businesses & Chambers of Commerce, Arts & Humanities Councils, Arts & Humanities Camps & Schools, Community Outreach Centers, Senior Centers, Libraries & Museums. As an aside at Conventions, Meetings & Training, Churches & Church Related Groups.

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