The "Riverboat John" Haybale Theatre & Strolling Show

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What is the "Riverboat John" Haybale Theatre?

After over 40 years of stage work doing music and stories, "Riverboat John" came up with the idea of a more intimate setting for audiences.

People have a shorter attention span (especially children)when there are so many things going on. Larger outdoor stages seem to distance storytellers and solo or small groups of musicians and other entertainers from their audiences. Thus the Haybale Theatre.

The "Riverboat John" Haybale Theatre is a portable unit provided by "Riverboat John" for his performances. He provides lighting and sound. The venue provides (or helps provide)bales of hay for some seating and ambience.

No group too large or small. Some people may stop and listen to one song or story or part of one. Others may use this as "The Meeting Place" for their group. It's fun and entertaining to all and is certainly very affordable. This may be just the touch your venue is looking for for Seniors, Family and Children's Area entertainment.

Call "Riverboat John" today to tailormake a program for your family entertainment.

Phone: 205-466-5319